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"Everybody down in New Orleans always makes a big deal about that, where people apologize if they call me a fiddler," she says, laughing. He's magazine reported before Season 1 (and subsequently changed online).

Of course, the series also employs a wide range of local performers in the production, with some (Trombone Shorty, Galactic) more famous than others ( theme songwriter-singer John Boutte, trumpeter Kermit Ruffins).

The season opens on All Saints' Day 2006, 14 months after the storm, and Annie is in Connecticut with the subdudes, a group of New Orleans rockers who eventually (for real) migrated to Colorado.She's befuddled when some folks argue whether Lucia/Annie is a fetching violinist exploring her roots or a slumming fiddler trying to perfect her craft. It included moments of uncertainty and bouts of anxiety, often heightened by hysterical rants with series creators David Simon (), who are the executive producers along with Nina K. Fortunately, she just cracks up laughing about it now. Harley, whom Micarelli describes as "the older guy with the beard," becomes more of a mentor to Annie and "plays a bigger role in sort of pushing her to see how far she can go." The same can be said of Earle regarding Micarelli's career.She's determined to set the record as straight as the bow she wields. "I had numerous conversations with David and Eric and Nina where I would just be like, 'What are you doing? "On a personal level -- this is me being a musician -- I am thrilled with having been able to spend so much time with him," she offers, grateful for his encouraging nudge to try other musical styles and bring out her singing voice. You know, outside of the show, I've learned a lot from him.Pursuing an acting career, she realizes, is "going to be a long, slow burn and it will take me a long time to feel like I'm proficient." She likes the challenge of juggling careers, but "I definitely think of myself as a musician first." Micarelli already has released two classical albums -- 's Season 1 soundtrack, toured with Jethro Tull, Josh Groban and Chris Botti and served as featured violinist and concertmaster for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra."I am sort of brainstorming on another album," she says, noting that this role has widened her focus despite having already added Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" to her crossover repertoire.

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