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You will have plenty of time to listen as well, since the event runs from Monday 25th December to Tuesday 2nd January.

Normally, December provides some excellent propagation but the planet continues to be bombarded with seemingly non-stop coronal hole streaming that can cause geomagnetic disturbances disruptive to MF propagation.

Beacons heard outside of these regions will be found in the RWW database.

We do apologise to the listeners who are too far south to hear anything.

S.) 630m band, the CLE will give you the chance to test out your MF receiving capabilities and compare against what others in your area might be hearing. NDB identifiers approximately 1 k Hz higher or lower than the published transmitted frequency since these beacons are modulated with a 1020 Hz tone approximately.

That’s why Adafruit and Sparkfun do not focus on selling ham radio transceivers. Faraday RF specifies right on our Starter Pack that you must be a licensed radio amateur to use Faraday.

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As well, you can follow the results of other CLE participants from night to night as propagation is always an active topic of discussion.

Our Amateur Radio and the Maker Community post defined our stance that the future of ham radio is in experimentation and learning.

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