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In 1924, Abdul-Aziz ibn Sa'ud-the founder and first King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953)-took control of the Hijaz (the Western Province of Saudi Arabia), ending a long series of battles to consolidate and unite a vast but fragmented territory.Abdul-Aziz had his eyes on implementing a nation building process which would fit the needs and aspirations of the people while growing alongside their assessment of what would best serve the nation and its citizens.unity was realized because Abdul-Aziz applied the doctrine of Islam to public policy, justice, and all other fields of life.

One solution, one that will allow him to save face, is for him to insist that any measures against Qatar follow the framework of international law.As well as announcing a £270bn arms agreement with the Saudis, Trump also attended an anti-terrorism summit of 50 leaders from Arab and Muslim nations.“There has never been anything like it before, and perhaps there never will be again,” remarked the President in typical fashion.The US President was greeted with huge pomp and circumstance when he visited Saudi Arabia in May, having chosen the desert kingdom for his first foreign visit.The streets were lined with alternating US and Saudi flags for miles and a five-storey image of Trump was projected onto the Ritz Carlton where he was staying, paired with a similarly huge one of the country’s ruler, King Salman.

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