Friedman39s liquidating trust

People exercised the right to travel over land before there were any property rights in land. If they have not paved it, a man may drive his team where he likes.”[5] Table eight requires “Where a road runs in a straight line, it shall be eight feet, and where it curves, it shall be sixteen feet in width.”[6] Tablet nine requires “When a man’s land lies adjacent to the highway, he can enclose it in any way that he chooses; but if he neglects to do so, any other person can drive an animal over the land wherever he pleases.”[7] The Roman tablet eight also require space between buildings, “A space of two feet and a half must be left between neighboring buildings.”[8] This last law could have been for travel or to keep fires from spreading through the city.Thus property rights in land that unduly impinge on the ability of travel violate other people’s rights. In the twelve ancient Roman tablets that set out the law, tablet seven appears to require land owners to maintain the roads. Unfortunately, there does not appear any commentary to let us know.The protection of these faculties is the first object of government.”[1] James Madison’s Federalist 10 “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property.” John Locke “No other rights are safe where property is not safe.” Daniel Webster “Ultimately property rights and personal rights are the same thing.” Calvin Coolidge Without property rights, no other rights are possible.

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This is a bit strange as our freedom throughout history has been secured mainly by property rights.You also need to have property rights over yourself to enter a contract.Contract law presupposes property rights law and to reverse the process results in nonsense. If you do not own yourself or some property how can you claim to have been harmed. Property rights law was developed in common law countries and in the United States along Locke’s theoretical formulation for at least a century or more.This is commonly summarized as having property rights in one’s self.It is important to understand that all of law is based on property rights logically (and historically).

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