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Is there anyway around this without using hidden fields? So when I set the object in the session it is reseting all the values that are not on the current page.

I would think that it should only update the fields you are binding to and ignore the others. I don't want to run the sql until they have finished the last page so I need to store the state of the object in between pages somehow without losing values.

On the Form View the button that fires the update has the Command Name attribute set to "Update," but I would like to change that attribute to something other than "Update" - when I do change that attribute the update no longer works.

Private Sub Form View1_Item Updating(sender As Object, e As Form View Update Event Args) Handles Form View1. It's been about two days now that I am on this :( What am I doing wrong? This Form View behavior can be problematic when we we need the original object and the modified object to perform an update with conflict detection (see LINQ to SQL example below).Note that Conflict Detection is set to Compare All Values in the Object Data Source." I believe the simple answer is: it knows because of the Bind statements you put in the Text Box controls. txt Address has "Bind("Address")" so when the update is called, it has a connection between txt Address and parameter "Address" I believe this is correct.What's really cool is when you set the Data Type Name property on the obj DS then because of these bind statements, an object with the properties assigned correctly is created for you and ready to pass to the specified update Method or insert Method. Perhaps it is simply the order in which the Text Box controls are added to the Edit Item Template? the order of the controls must match the order of the Update Parameters...

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