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Not sure why the option isn't there in the i Phone companion app... Oz Weather Watch app and complication is currently showing Sydney, and I'm in Eastern Victoria. I usually go nude, but wanted something for when I'm working on my car or playing in racks at work.

Try changing stations in the phone app and see if that helps. So far, for me the watch is proving handy just in terms of notifications that I would quite often miss having my i Phone on silent in my pocket. Has a rubber lower half and plastic upper with screen protector. The rubber while strong isn't that nice to the touch.

I had the same issue in Newcastle, I go between 2 stations during the day but only one worked with the watch, the other defaulted to Sydney. It's a little tricky to fit (think Otterbox Defender) but offers full coverage (except back) and actually looks ok in a Casino G-Shock kind of way. I find my arm hairs catch on it and worst of all, it sticks to itself, makes putting in on near impossible for the first few days and difficult after that. A light dusting of corn flour goes a long way to help.

Stops sticking and gives a slightly soft to the touch feel.

If you have questions you want to ask Jeremy, send them to me at [email protected] The Bachelor: An Austin woman spots Brad Womack in her exercise class.

I had seen them at Restoration Hardware and just adored their gracious curves, their driftwood finish, and I knew they would be the prefect juxtaposition in materials to our all white kitchen.

Unpairing and repairing fixed it for me but 5 days later it's back again. I can't talk to how chlorine etc will affect the bands, in case you're in chlorinated pools.

What I'm unable to do is find "Oz Weather" in the list of available complications when customising watch faces.At what point does a sweetheart you met online turn into a possible romantic scam artist?And if you've become emotionally attached to the person, you might give in.Best Online Dating Services Internet Matchmaking Sites to Meet Singles Reviews of the best online dating services and Internet matchmaking sites, plus dating tips and advice.See how American Singles, Yahoo Personals, e,, Lava Life,, Friend Finder and other online dating sites compare.

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