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Yuval Shochat: Vivo Gaming is one of the pioneers to offer full mobile compatible Live Dealer games.Adapting to mobile platforms has posed a few challenges, the screen size being one of them.We enable land-based casinos to offer their current and future customers the option to visit their favourite casino by going online from any device and play live on any tables from anywhere.The tables are broadcasted live via our proprietary software and system so players can feel as if they are physically in the casino whether they are in the hotel room, cruise ship cabin or their own home.TG: How do you help land-based casinos tap into the phenomenon?YS: Vivo Gaming offers several solutions specifically for land-based operations seeking to partake in the Live Dealer phenomenon.

Totally Gaming: For a while there was some concern about the mobile screen being too small for Live Dealer – has that receded now that the market has shown that it can work?

It is the closest online players can get to the experience and rush of playing in a real casino, but from the comfort of their home.

Our dealers interact and engage with the players as if they were sitting right in front of them.

What started as mostly popular amongst Asian players is now becoming the game of choice for European and ROW players as well.

Even though it is strictly a game of chance, the house edge is relatively lower than in other games, making it very appealing for players.

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