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Emotions -dark vibe,sophisticated,sexy,class,elegant. Reminds me a little bit of Tom Ford Oud Wood and YSL M7. Smells VERY much like the Original Versace Man(the purple bottle). Anyway, I see no reason to own it as long as I have Man, but most probably this is the one that will take over after my discontinued Man is empty - at that time I reckon the price of Oud Noir will be identical to Versace Man of today.

This for me is slightly better then Versace Man although there very similiar Im really digging the way the oud was blended to make this fantastic magic potion 9/10 easily. I watched youtube reviews and read most of the reviews here as well before I bought it. During the spring and summer I love Chanel Platinum and even Eternity does well on my skin. It’s opening is very nice, with hints of spice and leather. It’s upon dry down that it starts to have hints of being medicinal or even a pine disinfectant floor cleaner. Because of this I’m thinking that one or more of the notes are synthetic.

And it's one of my favourites in my growing collection.

It's warm, woodsy, and has the perfect amount of sweetness on my skin.

This scent should be a no brainer if you even remotely like Tom Ford Oud Wood, or if you love it, but don't love its price. This one's performance and projection isnt impressive! When I first heard of the comparisons to Versace Man, I was very doubtful, as I own and love Man and could not get into my head how an oud-based scent could be similar to a saffron-based scent.

Now if only there were a Versace clone of Tuscan Leather... Now that I've tried it I must say it is very similar to Man, but with deeper more fullfilled notes.

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