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Ms Plummer's youngest sister, Rachel, 31, said: 'Laura can't cope another hour - let alone 20-plus years.'She's in there with 25 non-speaking English women so you can imagine the loneliness yet being surrounded by so many people in a small space.'There are Egyptian women who are in there for what us British call proper drug related crimes like heroin and cocaine but they come and go yet she's taken some painkillers across and is getting treated like it's a million pound drug smuggle.' She was stopped at the airport as she jetted in for a fortnight stay with Omar - who she sees four times per year.The last text message sent by the shop keeper was to her father, Neville, and said: 'I'm in trouble and I need your help.' Ms Plummer's brother, James, told BBC Radio 5 live his sister had brought the tablets into the country in an 'innocent, honest mistake'.The Foreign Office confirmed they are assisting a British national in Egypt.Welcome to the longest running "Porn" site on the entire Internet!Ms Plummer brought the medicine into the country to give to Omar, who suffers from severe back and arm pain after being in a car crash a few years ago.But the drug, which is available in the UK on prescription, is banned in Egypt and sometimes used as a heroin substitute.

Ms Plummer is being held in a 15ft by 15ft cell with between 20 and 30 other women including 'murderers, heroin addicts and prostitutes' and was being 'kicked and kicked' until the leader of the cell intervened, her sister revealed.

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