Elucidating the mechanism of cellular

Most estimates suggest that each lobe of the rosette is itself a hexamer, such that the CSC is a 36-mer (4, 8, 9).

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To avoid problems associated with preferential purification of CESA monomers, we developed a strategy based on dual epitope tagging of the CESA7 protein to select for CESA multimers.

Mitochondria are essential organelles that provide the cell with energy and are involved in many housekeeping processes.

Maintaining a healthy population of mitochondria is vital for the proper functioning of cells and the presence of dysfunctional mitochondria may lead to cellular damage and cell death.

In the second part, we assess mitophagy in a cellular model based on disease caused by mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA).

We find that the mere presence of damaged mitochondria in the cell does not activate mitophagy.

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