Online chat to sexy boy about sex dating without intent to marry is like

They generally get your attention by using flattery and building a ‘trusting’ relationship with you.At times you maybe unaware of the type of information you are giving them, but you do it because you feel comfortable talking to them.By ‘indecent’, we mean a photo in which you are either: naked, topless, showing your genitals, performing a sexual act or masturbating.If you are under the age of 18 and have a picture taken of yourself, wearing minimal or no clothing, it can be referred to as child abuse material (child pornography).

This image could be viewed, copied or downloaded by others without you knowing and could put you at risk of being bullied, blackmailed or groomed by others online.

By giving away too much about yourself online, such as your date of birth, home town or school, strangers can learn things about you that perhaps your friends and family don’t even know, putting you in danger.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with your privacy settings on your device.

Grooming is when an adult – a stranger or someone you know perhaps through a friend of a friend – develops a close and trusting relationship with you with the intention of engaging in sexual behaviour.

For example, you may be asked to send nude images of yourself and/or meet up with the person in real life to have sex.

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