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The service works alongside Amazon's new Cloud Cam security camera, a smart door lock and the Key app that remotely unlocks the door and displays a live video feed.But, as Wired reports, Seattle-based security firm Rhino Security Labs has discovered a flaw in the procedure that would allow a devious courier to freeze the camera.The camera doesn't capture the second entry, and the Key app doesn't log the second entry.

Here are the do-it-yourself home security systems that top Safe Wise’s list for easy installation, customization, and superior service.It’s one of the key advantages of choosing a home security brand name with a great reputation for standing behind its products.Frontpoint absorbs a bit of the cost of professional monitoring by offering extremely affordable equipment.Using a computer, the attacker sends a volley of 'deauthorization' packets to the target Cloud Cam, which stops it from using an access point as it attempts to reauthenticate.It's a well-known technique for Wi-Fi jamming and is not specific to Cloud Cam.

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