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So go easy on yourself if the process is a bit harder than you initially expected.

A quick Google search will reveal that there are tons of paid and free dating sites to choose from.

“Finding a mate can be arduous and exhausting,” she says. Searching for a romantic partner isn’t the same as shopping for a sweater; there are a lot of complicated emotions involved.

Reading through the individual reviews, we recommend that you take each with a grain of salt, though, as they are written by people who are simply talking about their personal experience. When searching for the best dating sites, you may want to start out with the so-called “big three”: Match.com, Ok Cupid, and Plenty of Fish.

They’re among the most popular dating sites in the world.

“Even Tinder, despite its reputation for attracting users seeking casual romance, may deserve a more open mind,” she says.

While intentions vary, you won’t really know how people on a given site behave and communicate until you give it (and them! A major factor in how satisfied you’ll be with a given dating site is the kind of interaction you’ll have on there.

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