Erykah badu dating

Didn’t Kendrick say he was ditching the name brands for white t-shirts and Nike Cortez’s?Hey, it’s not crochet pants and dashikis, but it’s close enough.Erykah and Andre 3000 Met: Sometime back in 1995 at a New York City nightclub. states: The Breakup: The reason behind Erykah and D. C’s breakup still remains somewhat of a mystery, but the two artists co-parent their beautiful daughter Puma (pictured above), and obviously, The D. The Story: According to close friends, Erykah and Andre fell in love very quickly, but according to Erykah’s own account of how she met Andre 3000: The Effect: During the time Andre met Erykah, the Atlanta rapper was in the process of finding his true self. He went from this: To this: On his relationship with Erykah, The D.

Common also admitted that Erykah Badu was his first love and his first heartbreak. In no way are we saying Kendrick Lamar and Erykah had some kind of romantic relationship, but it’s quite possible the two shared some kind of kinetic energy while performing with each other at this year’s BET Awards, because Kendrick’s “Control” verse is beyond cold. Erykah and Jay Electronica Met: Being the private person she is, no one really knows when Erykah and Jay Electronica first started dating, but their daughter Mars was born in February 2009.We did a little digging on Miss Badu and this is the effect she’s had on previous rappers she’s encountered over the years… The Effect: Most hip-hop heads have been patiently waiting for a full length Jay Electronica album for years now, but the elusive rapper can’t seem to relinquish his creative control to put out a project.Shortly after their performance, rumors began to swirl that the two artists were romantically seeing each other (both denied those allegations), but after hearing Kendrick’s “Control” verse, he must’ve picked up on Miss Badu’s infectious spirit.In an interview about her effect on men, Erykah once replied: Erykah has also joked that she gifts all the rappers she’s been involved with a pair of crochet pants or an Italian man purse.

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