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A rep for Calvin tells Entertainment Tonight that the DJ did not write the comments.It was previously reported she had been the one to put the brakes on the relationship after having regrets about how public the first few weeks were and getting the impression that Tom liked the limelight.His female friend was first spotted wearing a wetsuit jacket that she peeled off to reveal a teeny white string bikini.The pair were joined by a third friend who gallantly dragged two boards while the beautiful blonde toted a fold-up beach chair and towels.Swift, who is an inch shorter than six feet tall, started off the string of very public relationships she's now so well known for in 2008 with Joe Jonas, who stands at just 5'7", and who was followed by Taylor Lautner, who clocks in at 5'9".From there, Swift experimented with dating the 6'3" John Mayer, and after that didn't go to well, upgraded to a man she saw more eye to eye with: Jake Gyllenhaal, who's exactly her height.Click the link (right) to get a closer look at Tay Tay's exact dress, or check out (no pun intended!

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Why, then, is Swift currently going to the trouble of building, and getting approval to build, a supposedly privacy-imposing and definitely aesthetic-ruining cinder block wall around her Beverly Hills mansion that is even shorter than one of her former flames, the 6'6" Calvin Harris, without his shoes on? Special thanks to the Standard Highline and Chateau Marmont.

Given that her past two boyfriends have been British, however, it may just be that Swift has resigned herself to hanging out with them in more convenient places—like her equally multimillion-dollar, heavily guarded homes in New York, Rhode Island, and Nashville.

The closest she's come to 100% confirming something was back in 2010 with "Back to December".

(Fret not, however: The president of the Beverly Hills Historical Society already has good faith in her changes because they won't "impact the integrity" of the home.)Sure, Swift's new image includes activities like bathing in million worth of diamonds, and maintaining an air of exclusivity and secrecy, as her temporary ban on streaming her new album has showcased.

Given that a good portion of that album seems to be about Alwyn, and that the pair has been reclusive enough for the internet to believe Swift had started traveling inside of a suitcase, however, it seems like guarding her personal life—which, let's face it, at least to the tabloids mean her love life, now that squads are long gone—remains a top priority.

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