Dating strong women

She knows her worth and value and she demands that her lover does too. She’ll want you to know how she feels, of course, but she won’t always feel up to telling you.(Lesson one.) You know, let’s just cut to the chase and dive in. This will make your relationship challenging for both of you, because open communication is necessary for two people to properly understand one another without, well, misunderstandings.However, I will tell you this: let her go on pretending that she’s not complex—). Simple—reflect upon the moments when you’ve probably “accused” her of being difficult to understand; likely they’ve been those times when you were irritated, and your words and thoughts were not coming from a completely loving place.So, ladies, consider being more forthright about your needs—with help her to come out of her shell—even if it’s at seemingly tortoise-like speeds—but, in the meantime, practice patience with her. However, the complicated woman probably needs more compliments than your average bear, or lady as the case may be. Still, inside every grown and gorgeous woman is a little girl wanting love, affection and attention—and, honestly, if most people search themselves they, too, will find a child wanting to be shown love.So please talk to her about your own feelings and thoughts—your sharing will encourage hers.Also, don’t be afraid to ask her questions, but do try being gentle rather than probing.When you date a strong woman be ready to show even more strength and have more direction than her! This is a tall order for many men, but having clear, concise goals and an understanding of these rules helps to make it easier. If you don't, she's liable to walk all over you and impose her goals right up to showing you the door.

She tends to be sexually adventurous, creative and enthusiastic - more so than most women.

I'm not going to go into all the science behind this, but it's an important thing to understand if you're actually attracted to one of these "strong-by-day, submissive-by-night" types of women.

Strong Women, Submissive Women Do you know a sexy, strong woman at your place of work? Maybe she's a salesperson that works with your company or she represents a vendor. She's very likely demure and submissive in the bedroom! While many women are terrified of others knowing this fact, most women prefer a submissive bedroom role.

I think I can save us both a lot of time here; I don’t think there is such a thing as a complicated woman.

No, come to think of it, a self-defined complicated woman will give you the least amount of trouble—and be the least difficult to figure out—because she’s already trying to figure herself out—and then she’s trying to express her revelations to you so that you can fully know her.

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