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I enjoyed nothing more then getting my ass raped, by a strap-on, or a real cock.

I had never had anything really big up there but I was training it up with dildos etc..

"Sex slave, open the door we've come to collect you". "Mistress has ordered us to take you to her, she said you were to be naked, now strip, or we will do it for you. "We have a van at the top of your drive." "I can't walk out like this, the neighbours will see me." "Doesn't matter, you won't have to confront any of them, Mistress is not going to be happy that we had this trouble with you, not naked, and argueing, you will definitely be punished." I grew excited at the prospect of being put over Mistresses knee, and given a spanking.

"I nervously stripped off my clothes, leaving only my panties, which were unfortunately definitely of a feminine nature. They roughly grabbed my wrists, and bound my hands behind my back.

As expected, she ordered me to strip for her, which I did, and told me to parade in front of the webcam.Now I was free to look at websites all night and all day.I had also joined in several chat rooms, but always had to be very careful, my wife didn't find out. As I said, I was alone, and on one of my favourite chatrooms, which devoted it self to Dominants and submissives of all sexes, and orientations.A heavy strap was then fastened around my chest, and one around my forehead, making sure I couldn't move a muscle. One of my captives remained in the back of the van, whilst the other two went into the cab. The guy in the back with me said nothing, but was staring at my naked body, bound to the chair, for the whole journey, it was quite embarrassing.He even started feeling himself, and I could see his cock raging against his leather pants, it was enormous, god knows what it would be like set free.

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