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There is a liability shift, which further benefits those retailers who offer Verified by Visa during the online checkout process (described above).The move to risk-based authentication creates a further win-win-win for you, your customers and banks.You’ll notice Verified by Visa when a message box pops up on screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details. You’ll see the personal message that only you and your bank know.(It may be a message that you gave to your bank when you signed up for Verified by Visa).You are then asked to identify yourself either with your Verified by Visa password or a code sent to your mobile phone.What you need to do at this stage varies but your bank will tell you about the method they use and what they expect from you.Verified by Visa helps prevent people using your details without your permission.And it’s good for retailers who want to make sure their customers are protected.

The main thing is that when you pay by Visa, you’re protected. It accounts for only around 0.04% of total spend on Visa cards in Europe. Keeping your financial data secure and your personal information private is a priority for Visa but if you do experience problems then it’s helpful to know what to do if things go wrong.

Broadly, these are around receiving your purchase as described, in good condition and in time as promised.

If you notice anything unusual on your account, it’s important to act quickly.

Yes, Verified by Visa involves you, your bank and the retailer communicating together when you buy something online.

If your bank and the retailer offer Verified by Visa, this is a great time to get you involved, too.

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